The Easiest Way to Order Your Kids School Supplies

The easiest way to order your kids’ school supplies is browsing and shopping the most robust online store for schools that serves school districts, teachers, administrators and parents alike. While many of our customers are indeed affiliated with schools or parent-teacher groups, we have plenty of individual customers purchasing for their child, for a gift, or for themselves.

We also serve a variety of nontraditional educators, such as homeschoolers, childcare services, church groups, non-profits and other organizations.


How to Shop for School Supplies Online

Whether you're shopping to stock up your school store, looking to bring more creativity into the classroom you lead everyday, or searching for unique ways to inspire your students, you can find quality and affordable fun school supplies online at our wholesale and retail school supply stores.

Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc. has been involved in the education market for more than 90 years. In that time, we have become The School Store Authority®. So not only do we sell school store supplies, but we are also the school store experts, always visiting stores and talking to our customers to get their ideas and tactics. We can even help your school set up an online school supply store for your students and parents.

Whether you are a teacher, principal, or PTA member starting a store as a classroom resource or as a school fundraising opportunity, we have a complete guide on how to set up your store and stock the most inspiring and educational school supplies.


4 Reasons Ordering School Supplies Online is Easy

Parents and teachers alike are finding themselves busier than ever, with less time in the day to get everything done. They need things to be easy, quick and effective. By utilizing online “virtual” school supply stores, parents and teachers find everything at their fingertips that they can imagine they’d ever need, all with an easy-to-use shopping cart and check out system.

Just as Amazon has trained and conditioned shoppers to find everything they need in one place, “from A to Z,” it is Geddes goal to offer the most complete stock of school supplies and the easiest way to order them and have them shipped right to your school or home.

Here are four reasons an online school supply store is the easiest way to order your kids’ school supplies:

  1. Selection is plentiful - By fulfilling orders online, schools are not limited by the size of the building or room they have onsite to stock and sell merchandise.
  2. Shipping and delivery is direct - Our mission is to put your school supply order on the road or in the air within 1 to 3 business days after you place your order. In addition to our speedy service, GEDDES offers several affordable shipping options to meet nearly every shopper's needs.
  3. It’s convenient - Shoppers can browse, order and receive school supplies from the comfort of their living room, or wherever they are.
  4. The store is always open - The benefit of offering a store online is that you’re open 24/7. Parents can find and order school supplies at any time of day, any day of the week, even if school is out!


Where to Buy School Supplies Online

Tired of the same old boring and uninspiring cheap school supplies? GEDDES is your one-stop shop for the most unique, fun, and cute school supplies online.

School can be difficult and challenging — for students, parents and teachers alike. But ordering school supplies can be easy for everyone. At GEDDES, we want to make sure that it’s also fun.

Watch your students’ eyes light up as you hand out supplies that they’ve never seen before, that they’ve never even dreamed were possible.

Can school actually be fun? Yes! Can ordering school supplies be easy…and fun at the same time? Yes! See for yourself at the GEDDES School Supply Online Store.