7 Ideas for End of the School Year Classroom Parties, Favors and Prizes

Ideas for an Epic End of Year Classroom Party

The end of the school year often brings about lots of fun activities such as field day, class trips and awards ceremonies, but one of the most eagerly anticipated events is sure to be the class party. Teachers and parents can work together to create a party that kids will love and will send them off for summer break with great memories of their classroom. Here are some tried and true ideas for end of the school year parties along with favors and prizes.


Classroom Olympics

This theme is a fun way to sneak in some last-minute learning and teamwork efforts with games that put students’ skills to the test. Try a mini tennis match in a corner of the classroom with tennis rackets made from paint stir sticks taped to the back of paper plates and a blown-up balloon as a substitute tennis ball. Use pool noodles to assemble barbells and have students compete in a weight lifting challenge. Fill a 2-liter bottle with sand or water to hold it in place and have students toss diving rings to see how many rings they can get over the bottle in their very own ring toss game. Mark off colorful lines equally spaced on the floor so kids can go the distance and test out the long jump. Prizes and favors can include foam or blow-up balls, medals,trophies, certificates and goodie bags with healthy snacks and a bottle of water.


Cookie Decorating and Sundae Bar

What better way to start summer break than to celebrate with ice cream sundaes and hand-decorated cookies?! This theme is easy and delicious to put together. Individual ice cream cups can be purchased for each student along with plain sugar cookies. A table can be set up with various toppings like chocolate sauce, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, gummy candies and whipped cream to make delectable sundaes. Another station can be dedicated to cookie decorating with different colors of frosting, candy toppings and colorful sugar crystals. The best part of this activity is the reward of the sweet treat when the kids are finished.


Movie Day

Lights, camera, action! A great way to celebrate the end of the school year is to let kids get lost in a good movie. A few days before the party, offer a few selections of what movie students would like to watch and have them vote for their favorite. On the day of the event, kids can wear comfy clothes, snack on popcorn and enjoy movie candy. If there’s room for bean bags or floor mats and pillows, that can provide a cozy space to lounge while watching the film. Fun favors for movie day can include items that coordinate with the theme of the selected movie, and goodie bags filled with boxes of movie candy, a package of microwave popcorn and sunglasses to take home.


Yearbook Signing

Students love the chance to leave special notes for their friends in their yearbooks at the end of the school year. Host an autograph party where kids can swap yearbooks to leave encouraging messages or share a funny note as they head off on summer break. If yearbooks aren’t available for all, set up a few stations around the classroom stocked with colorful notecards, stickers and markers for kids to create their own cards to pass out to the class. Kids can take home special pencils, erasers and mini notebooks in goodie bags.


Game Day

This theme is a hit with students of all ages. Set up board games, card games and puzzles around the classroom for kids to play and rotate to the different stations. Students can also be invited to bring their favorite games to share with the class for the day. Add in some light snacks and fun prizes, and this party is a guaranteed win!


Red Carpet Awards Ceremony

Students can dress up, wear sunglasses and put on fancy hats as they walk the red carpet to receive awards. Students can vote ahead of time for awards for classmates who are kindest, funniest, everyday superhero and more. Teachers can designate a few awards to be given out for most improved in various subjects. A great way to be sure that every child receives some special recognition is to assign each child the name of a specific award and have them decorate a paper plate to represent that award. It will be a fun surprise to find out not only what the award looks like when it’s finished, but the recipient of each one as well. Pass out sunglasses, beads, feather boas and golden statues as the perfect favors for this star-studded event.


Treasure Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt around the classroom. Add in stops in the library, the gym and the cafeteria, if possible, to make it even more challenging. This also gives kids a chance to say thank you and goodbye for the summer to some of their favorite teachers and staff around the school. Small tokens can be placed at each stop to give them incentive to keep going until they reach the treasure chest of goodies at the end of the hunt.


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