Stats and Effects of Bullying Infographic

Text Transcript:

  • 1 in 4 students report being bullied during the school year
  • Most students won't report bullying - 63% of victims don't report bullying
  • 90% of students who are bullied offline are also bullied online
  • Looks, body shape, and race are the most common reasons for bullying
  • Students who are bullied are:
    • Twice as likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and other health issues
    • More likely to report high levels of suicide-related behavior
  • Students that bully are:
    • At a great risk for academic problems, substance abuse, and violent behavior, both now and later in life
  • What you can do:
    • Take a stand! More than half of bullying situations end when a peer intervenes
    • Start a program! Schools for bully prevention programs can reduce bullying by 25%
    • Get everyone involved! Effective bully prevention involves everyone - students, parents, teachers, and community members