Inexpensive & Fun School Supplies That Help Make Learning Fun

There was a time when all pencils were yellow, erasers were rubbery pink rectangles, and your choices for pens were black or blue. These days, school supplies come in a rainbow of colors, emblazoned with popular cartoon characters, and even in a variety of scents. At GEDDES, we specialize in discount school supplies that make learning fun. Here are some of our favorite options.

Celebrate the Season With Your School Supplies

If you’re a teacher, seasonal school supplies make great gifts, rewards, prizes, and incentives for students. Instead of handing out candy to students for Halloween, a spooky pencil or pen is much more useful—and there’s no sugar added! We also have a selection of birthday-themed school supplies to celebrate your students on their big day and holiday supplies with elves and Santa.

Show Off Your Personality

Kids seize upon any opportunity they can find to express themselves, including in their choices of school supplies. That’s why we carry school supplies for every personality and interest, whether it’s unicorns, llamas, emojis, or sports. We have the must-have on-trend items like magic flip sequins and also those timeless motifs all kids adore, like animals and rainbows. For great deals on these supplies, keep an eye on our clearance school supplies page, which is regularly updated with deeply discounted pencils, erasers, notebooks, and more.

Share Your Favorite Brands and Characters

There’s no better way to get kids excited about learning than to let them bring their favorite book and cartoon characters into the classroom! GEDDES has partnered with brands like Dr. Seuss, Wonder, Peanuts, Pete the Cat, Dog Man, DC Comics, and more to offer officially licensed school supplies. If you have a school store, these items are destined to be a hit. Book-themed school supplies featuring Pete the Cat and his groovy friends or characters from Dr. Seuss classics are also a natural fit for school libraries and reading programs.

Write in Style

If you’re looking for cheap school supplies that pack in lots of fun, you can’t do much better than pencils. Even better, pencils are a school supply kids use every single day! Our pencils feature bold colors, eye-catching patterns, and super-cute toppers. Use them as classroom incentives and students will enjoy collecting different designs and trading with their friends.

Use Supplies That Pass the Smell Test

Say smell ya later to boring pencils, pens, and erasers! There’s just something about scented school supplies that kids love, which is why we carry the best selection of scratch-and-sniff school supplies on the internet. We’ve got scents that are fruity and sweet and scents that are a little bit strange (we’re looking at you, Avo-Cat-O erasers!) and our prices are so low, you won’t pay through the nose for them either!

See More of Our Discount School Supply Selection

If you’re on the hunt for discount school supplies that are also kid-approved, GEDDES has you covered. Browse our full selection online, request our catalog today, or contact us to learn more about our products and our mission.