group of elementary school students smiling sitting on the floor in the classroom

The layout and design of a classroom can make or break a student’s learning experience. Classrooms full of clutter, heavy decor, and off-topic visuals can be distracting and take student attention away from the lessons being taught. Savvy teachers know that creating effective and meaningful learning spaces in the classroom is the best way to keep students engaged and focused. In this post, we’ll go over our top ways teachers can create classroom learning spaces that foster interest, participation, and excitement.

Optimize the Layout for Ease of Movement

Both teacher and student need to be able to move around the classroom without bumping into things or knocking things over. Keeping the classroom neat and organized will help with this, but it’s also important not to overcrowd the classroom with furniture and other objects. There needs to be enough free space for everyone to move around and transition from space to space comfortably. Several companies now create space-saving classroom furniture that moves out of the way when not needed.

Create Activity Stations

In addition to individual student desks, classrooms need communal spaces where they can work on preferred activities and small groups of students can work together on activities and assignments. Activity stations give students a place to go when they are finished with individual assignments and need a quiet place to read or work on lesson-related activities. Keep activity stations stocked and neatly organized with any supplies and tools students will need.

Build a Classroom Library

An essential learning space that all classrooms need is a classroom library. All you need is a few bookcases and a variety of age-appropriate books and other reading material to get started. Classroom libraries give students access to books without a school library visit, teach students how to find and return books to the library shelves, and introduce them to new interests and topics they may not have otherwise explored.

Keep Decor Relevant

Classroom decor should be relevant to the topics and lessons being taught. While you may love butterflies as a teacher, decorating your entire classroom in butterflies can create a distraction for students. Keep decor relevant and change it out from time to time throughout the year as you start different lessons. Interactive decor is a newer trend that allows teachers to use classroom decor to reinforce lesson concepts and increase student engagement.

Keep it Organized & Clutter-Free

No matter how you set up your classroom learning spaces, keep them organized and clutter free. Clutter creates distractions and takes your and your student’s attention away from the lessons being taught. Set aside time at the end of each class for students to tidy up the space they are working in so they feel involved and accountable for maintaining a clean space.

Create Learning Spaces that are Fun & Effective

Students spend several hours in the classroom each day, so it’s important to create classroom spaces that are conducive to learning and also fun. GEDDES offers all the school supplies you’ll need to keep your classroom spaces well-stocked and ready for action. Browse our selections online, check out our catalogs, or contact us at 888-431-1722 for more information.