Great School Supplies for 2014

A new year is here, and it won’t be long before teachers and students across the country are back in the classroom for a new semester. Here are a few of our favorite new arrivals for 2014 that we think you’ll love too.

Back to Basics

Tried and true, the basics are like an old friend in the classroom. Try some of our Midi .7mm mechanical pencils and pair them with a slick neon pencil pouch, available in several eye-catching colors.

Mustache Mania

I mustache you a question: are you ready for mustaches? From coin purses to bracelets, sunglasses, and even dust plugs for your phone, mustaches are in!

Anti-Bullying Bracelets

It’s an old message, but a good one for a new year. These rubber bracelets encourage students to stand up to bullies both in class and out.