Five More School Fundraiser Ideas

You may remember our recent blog Five Great School Fundraiser Ideas. This week, we’re back with more fundraiser ideas for your school. With end of the year field trips and activities coming up, these fundraisers will help you realize your goals.

Garage Sale

There’s plenty of open space on the playground for a fun outdoor garage sale. Ask parents, teachers, and community members for donations such as clothing and toys, and spread the word with announcements and ads in the local newspaper. Get the students involved too and make it fun for everyone!

Recycling Drive

Have students bring in old cell phones and ink cartridges from family and friends to be recycled. In large numbers, these can be worth a lot. Turn it into a competition with a prize for the grade that brings in the most.

Spring Carnival

Now that the weather is getting nicer, why not hold a spring carnival? This can combine attractions with food and flea markets for a great community event that will bring everyone out.

Online Auctions

Expanding your reach with an online auction is a great way to bring more attention to your fundraising efforts. Ask local businesses to donate prizes and spread the word online to reach those who normally wouldn’t hear of your fundraising efforts.

Talent Show

Parents love seeing their kids in the talent show, and kids will jump at the opportunity to perform.