Cool Locker Decorating Ideas

Before you know it, school will be back in session and while this school year will probably look a lot different compared to previous years thanks to the pandemic, one fact remains the same: you need some cool locker ideas to impress your friends and express your personality. Below, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to get you started.


DIY Dry Erase Board

On our GTV YouTube channel, we shared an idea for a DIY dry erase board. You may have seen versions that use a zip-top bag to write on, but let’s be honest—they don’t look too great. Instead, use a colorful plastic clipboard. Dry erase markers work on them too and they’re a little more polished than hanging a plastic bag on your locker.

To create the board, apply strong magnets to the back of a plastic clipboard using craft glue or a hot glue gun. (Self-adhesive magnets will work too if the adhesive is strong—remember, your clipboard might be heavy once you clip things to it.) You can decorate the board with stickers and washi tape and use the clip to hang notes, cards, and even your lunch money. So easy!


Themed Magnets

If you’re not the DIY type, don’t sweat it. There are a lot of cool locker ideas you can pull off with a few sets of magnets and one or two additional supplies. GEDDES has an assortment of magnetic locker accessories to help you deck out your locker without a lot of fuss.

Use double-sided tape to stick some tropical leaf print wrapping paper on the inside of your locker door, then use our Jungle Locker Buddies Plush Magnets for a wild theme. For a more off-beat look, check out our Magnetic Kitty Kompanions—they’re purr-fect for pairing with adhesive faux fur on your locker shelves. Or, create an out-of-this-world look with Planet Magnets and battery-powered twinkle lights. Let our fun accessories inspire you to create a locker look that’s all your own.


Custom Magnetic Clips

Washi tape may just be our new favorite craft supply and it has lots of uses when it comes to decorating your locker. For this next super-simple decorating hack, you’ll need wooden clothespins, a roll or two of washi tape, and self-adhesive magnetic sheets that can be cut to size. Simply cut a piece of magnet to cover one side of each clothespin, then cover the other side with washi tape and trim any excess. Now, you can clip notes and photos to the inside of your locker with your own personalized magnetic clips.

If you have leftover clothespins, there are countless other ways to decorate them. Coat them with glue and dip them in glitter, stick sequins on them, use markers to draw designs on them, or use fabric glue to stick pretty ribbon or fabric to them. DIY magnetic clips make great gifts too.


Current Mood Magnets

Let your friends know exactly how you’re feeling with our Emoji Magnets. Use letter stickers to spell “Current Mood:” on a sheet of colored paper, tape it to the inside of your locker, and then stick the appropriate magnet next to it each morning—or after every class if you’re having an especially dramatic day!


DIY Garland

Grab some needle and thread and string together your own colorful garland to bedeck the inside of your locker. While colorful fuzzy pom-poms are an obvious choice, you can mix things up and get creative. Cut out letters to spell your name or a positive message, make paper flowers, or tie mini clothespins onto a string for holding small photos, Polaroid pictures, and other mementos.

Your DIY garland will look pretty taped in a zig-zag pattern on your locker door or you can go the more traditional route and string it horizontally from one end of your locker to the other.


Stick-On Pencil Holder

Yes, this is yet another idea that involves magnets—but it’s a good one! Find a cool plastic, melamine, or metal cup and apply a thin strip of adhesive-backed magnet or two or three round magnets to one side of it. (Make sure the magnets you use are strong, since the cup will be heavy!) Stick it to the inside of your locker and you’ve got a custom pen and pencil holder.

Can’t find a cup that you love? Break out that washi tape again and give a plain cup an upgrade. Stickers, sequins, rhinestones, and glitter can all be used to add some pizzazz, too.


Locker Rugs

You can buy your own locker rugs, but why shell out money at the store when you can easily make your own? When you DIY it, the world is your oyster. Most fabric stores sell a wide range of fuzzy fabrics and faux furs for you to choose from, or you can order a rug sample online and use that. Some online tutorials have you sew a locker rug, but really, there’s no need to spend all that time stitching—you just need to cut the fabric to size and use something sticky (but removable!) to hold the corners down at the bottom of your locker. As long as you’re not handling it much, the edges shouldn’t fray.

There are other ways to bring home decor ideas to your locker too. For aspiring interior designers, you can add a locker chandelier, curtains, and wallpaper. Order wallpaper samples, string your own chandelier with beads and thread (or buy one if you’re not crafty!), and use fat quarters or scraps of fabric to design your own locker curtains with decorative ribbon to tie them back.


DIY Unicorn Magnets

Many of our novelty toys can be repurposed as locker magnets, but our Gummy Unicorn Toys are especially perfect, particularly for all you unicorn lovers out there! You’ll need a strong craft glue or glue gun, round magnets, and a set of Gummy Unicorns. Glue the magnets to the back, let them dry, and you’ll be good to go. Want to add a shimmery effect? Use glittery Mod Podge to make them shine.


Battery-Operated LED String Lights

If you really want to go all out, add some twinkle lights to your locker. Of course, it’s important to make sure the ones you buy are powered by a battery pack so you’re not looking for an outlet anytime you want to light up your locker! Pair your lights with an iridescent or glittery wallpaper background for an eye-catching look.


Upcycled Paper and School Supply Storage

You don’t need to spring for expensive locker organizers when you can make your own! Take empty cardboard boxes from around the house, cover them in paper with fun prints, and stick some strong magnets on the back. So simple! An empty cereal box is perfect for organizing papers, while a box of fruit snacks or granola bars is ideal for pens, scissors, markers, and other school supplies.


Important Things to Keep in Mind When Decorating Your Locker

Now that you’ve got all the tips you need to make your locker the envy of your school, it’s important to follow a few guidelines:

  1. Make sure your school allows students to decorate their lockers before you start loading up on supplies. You don’t want to spend all that time creating DIY pencil holders and custom magnets only to show up on the first day of school and find out locker decorations aren’t allowed!

  2. If you’re using adhesive-backed paper to decorate your locker, ensure that it can be easily removed. No one wants to spend the last day of school scraping sticky residue off of their locker!

  3. Don’t do anything permanent. Superglue, markers, and paint on the inside of your locker are a big no-no at any school. Some schools also ban double-sided tape too, so be sure to check your school’s policy if you plan on using it to decorate. If regular tape isn’t allowed, no worries—use painter’s tape to create a small loop and use that instead, as it’s sticky but also easy to remove when the school year ends.

  4. Keep in mind that some school lockers use locks with magnetic mechanisms. Placing a magnet near one of these locks can interfere with it and even make it impossible to open your locker when you need to get in. Avoid placing any magnets near the lock to prevent this from occurring.

  5. Finally, as we hope we’ve shown in this blog post, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a luxe locker. There are many pricey readymade locker decorations and organizers available to purchase, but by making your own using the inexpensive supplies listed above, you’ll save money and you’ll be sure to have a unique personal space that shows off your personality.

Purchase Locker Decorating Supplies from GEDDES

GEDDES is known for selling fun school supplies, but we’ve also got everything you need to decorate your locker this school year. Browse our collection of locker accessories or make your own DIY decorations using some of our affordable art supplies. Request a catalog today to see our full lineup of products and come up with some cool locker ideas of your own.