5 Alternatives to Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners can be a helpful tool for children with ADHD, keeping their hands busy so they can concentrate. Unfortunately, many schools don’t allow them in the classroom because for other children, they’re a distraction. While GEDDES is well-known for our school supplies, we also sell a selection of fun toys, including a number of items that can be used as alternatives to fidget spinners for restless hands.

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite fidget spinner alternatives.


Squishy Snack Toys

We have a number of squishy toys, but these snack toys appeal to all kids with their bright colors and fast food theme. Unlike fidget spinners, these squishy toys are quiet and don’t cause distractions for other students. (They also can’t be used as a ninja star and flung across the room like a fidget spinner!)

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Dr. Seuss Fidget Putty

Fidget putty is another alternative to fidget spinners that makes less noise—and we all know kids love squishy, slimy, and goopy toys! Luckily, this putty is neater than slime, so there won’t be any messes to clean up. The neon putty comes in clear containers featuring kids’ favorite Dr. Seuss characters like The Cat in the Hat and Yertle the Turtle.

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Galaxy Glow Kneaded Erasers

While we’re on the subject of squishy things, we can’t forget about our Galaxy Glow Kneaded Erasers. These multi-purpose school supplies erase pencil without leaving any crumbs behind and they can be pulled, squeezed, and twisted to keep hands occupied. And did we mention that they also glow in the dark? Kids can collect a few different colors and shape their own glowing solar system.

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Blobbles Toys

Blobbles are filled with colorful, squishy orbs—kind of like water beads or the tapioca pearls you find at the bottom of bubble tea. They’re similar to a stress ball in that you squeeze one side and the other bulges out, making them fun to hold in your hand and play with absent-mindedly. Our Blobbles Toys come in two trendy styles, llamas and unicorns, and pretty jewel-tone colors.

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Puzzle Cubes

These mini retro puzzle cubes are great for times when kids have to focus on listening, but not necessarily watching or taking notes. Be careful, though—once kids get a puzzle cube in their hands, they’re not going to want to stop playing until they solve it!

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Bonus: Spinner Highlighter

Technically, this isn’t a fidget spinner alternative—it is a spinner, after all. It also serves a purpose, though, with three different colors of highlighter marker built in. For older students who need to highlight reading or notes, these Spinner Highlighters can help them focus by keeping their hands busy.

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Find More Fidget Spinner Alternatives from GEDDES

GEDDES School Supplies has countless small toys and novelties to keep little hands busy. They make perfect prizes for fun fairs, reading programs, and classroom games—and their affordable prices fit into any school’s budget. Contact us to learn more or request a catalog.