8 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Even in the best of circumstances, school funding never quite stretches far enough. New textbooks, playground equipment, art and music programs, extracurricular activities…the list goes on and on of all the worthy needs that might prompt your next school fundraiser.

In today’s economic times though, it may not only be more difficult for schools to afford all the supplies and resources that make for an enriching environment, but it may also be challenging for families and communities to support those needs. So what can teachers, PTAs and school leaders do to ensure fundraising efforts make the biggest impact possible?

8 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Schools

When it’s time to think about fundraising needs for your school, planning ahead is key as well as taking a strategic approach with timing and how your efforts are focused. Consider a variety of options and what would work best for your community, your student and family make-up, seasonal or regional factors and other aspects that may influence the success of your efforts.

It’s also important to keep the “fun” in “fundraising” in order to ensure students and organizers are invested. Fundraisers can be a lot of work and usually require a big commitment from everyone involved, but they can help foster a sense of connection and the fulfillment of working toward a greater cause as well.

Though there are countless ways to raise much needed funds for your school, here are eight successful fundraising ideas to help reach your goals:

  1. Fundraising kits
    A staple of school fundraising efforts, kits are available in dozens of options including food and gift catalog sales, pizza kits, frozen cookie dough, wrapping paper and more.

  2. School carnival
    Host a school carnival and sell tickets to families and the community. With events like a “cake walk” auctioning off homemade cakes and cupcakes, dunk tank, midway-style games and a bounce house, it’s sure to be fun for all.

  3. Movie night
    Plan a movie night in the school gym or theater. Families can buy tickets and movie concessions to add to the authentic vibe.

  4. Fun Run, Dance Marathon or Walk-a-Thon
    This is a fantastic option for energetic students. Participants ask for sponsors or contribution pledges and then go the distance as they run or walk around the school gym, track or playing fields, or dance the night away in the gym to the tune of fun music and maybe even a disco ball.

  5. Spirit wear and spirit gear
    This is a great option for communities who have tons of school pride. Students, families and community members can purchase sweatshirts, t-shirts, water bottles, gear bags and other items featuring the school logo as a great way to wear their school spirit loud and proud.
  6. Auctions
    An auction can be an excellent way to tap into your community’s interests while fundraising. For example, if your area is known for the arts, hosting an auction of student crafted art pieces is likely to be a hit. Or, if there are many small businesses in your hometown, consider gathering a variety of gift baskets and service certificates from local retailers for a silent auction where the items go to the highest bidder.

  7. Art show
    An art show is a very special way for students to showcase their talents, whether it be with drawings, paintings, textiles, pottery or other specialty items. Tickets and concessions can be sold for the show, with each handmade masterpiece available for purchase as well.

  8. Car wash
    If your school is located in a high-visibility area – or if you can arrange to set up shop at a local business that is – a car wash can draw in a lot of street traffic in a short period of time. Students can work in teams to keep the stream of customers flowing. With minimal supplies needed, this fundraiser can really clean up!

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