young students with craft supplies on a table creating a project together

One of the most fun and effective ways for students to develop a connection is through team building. Team building activities are excellent opportunities to hone communication, creativity and collaboration skills, all of which can prove to be essential for success in both the classroom and in life.

But how do you foster the concept of team building? It may not always come naturally for kids, so planning team building activities for students that are fun and engaging can lead to a positive experience for all. When you provide the structure for these activities, it gives kids the freedom to work together, make decisions, problem solve and tap into their many strengths – sometimes revealing strengths they didn’t even know they had!

Team Building Activities

Bring on the fun and the laughs, and get ready to celebrate their team successes! Here are some tried-and-true team building activities for students:

  1. Scavenger Hunt
    A classic team building activity, scavenger hunts give kids a mission and the chance to win by partnering to achieve a common goal.

  2. ”Keepie Uppie”
    Sure to induce lots of giggles, this is a favorite for younger students, but is actually lots of fun at any age. Kids form a circle and they must work together to keep a balloon from touching the ground. By communicating with one another, they can successfully keep the balloon afloat.

  3. Trust Walk
    This is an exercise that can be done as partners or in small groups. One person is selected to complete the “Trust Walk” and is blindfolded, while the partner or other team members use verbal cues only to guide the walker through a small maze or obstacle course and avoid any pitfalls along the way.

  4. Wheelbarrow or Three-Legged Race
    A perfect activity for Field Day, students can be paired up to compete in a wheelbarrow race where one partner races with their hands on the ground while the other partner holds them up by their feet. Alternatively, the three-legged race challenges partners to complete a race with one each of their legs bound together. In both instances, this activity requires partners to work together and strategize for the win.

  5. Don’t Wake the Dragon
    A favorite with little ones, this can be a great team building exercise for even the youngest students. While the teacher pretends to be a sleeping dragon, students must work together to complete a small challenge without waking the dragon. When they have successfully accomplished their goal, they all chime in together and yell, “wake up!”

  6. Building Challenge
    Here students can use their engineering skills to create a tower made only from toothpicks and marshmallows, or a structure made from pipe cleaners or even replicate an object from a photo using building bricks. While working in pairs or small teams, students must communicate and collaborate to complete the mission.

Need Supplies and Inspiration for Team Building Activities?

Team building can be lots of fun and very rewarding on its own, but it can also help to have a special prize that students can work toward as extra incentive. To find some great ideas and inspiration, explore GEDDES for novelty, favorite character or team and seasonal items as prizes for a job well done. Shop online at Raymond Geddes or contact us today to learn more. School supply catalogs are available to browse ideas as well.