6 Ideas to Get Your School Reading

Some children love reading. Others, not so much. Yet, every educator knows how powerful time spent reading can be. 

  • Strengthens literacy 
  • Improves vocabulary 
  • Increases knowledge
  • Helps with language development
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances the imagination
  • Trains focus and concentration

The list of benefits can keep going and going. Here are six ideas to get your school reading so that your students can take advantage of them. 

1. Change Where You Read

Who wants to sit at their desk and read a book? No one. Create a comfortable spot for your students to relax and get lost in the book that they are reading. This could be an area of pillows, cushions, a couch, or beanbags. Even just a carpeted area is a great idea. 

Use decor that makes the area comfortable and inviting — just like a nook or escape. 

2. Make Books Accessible 

Classes should all visit the library routinely. This gives kids an opportunity to learn about new books that are available and how to find the things they are interested in. However, since library visits are only bi-weekly or monthly, it is so important to have classroom libraries. 

These should be organized and easily accessible so that kids can find the perfect book quickly and start reading. Design this area so that it draws attention and pulls kids toward it. 

3. Make Reading Time Feel Like a Reward

Reading should never be made to feel like a chore. After all, who jumps for joy over things that they have to do? Make reading feel like a reward. Instead of telling kids they have to read for a certain amount of time, tell them that they get to read. Simply changing the way it's viewed can make all the difference. 

Of course, when you have an exciting reading area that they want to spend time in, getting to leave their desk and visit it surely feels like a reward. 

4. Share About Books

In a fun and informal way, ask your students to share about the books they are reading. 

Allow them an opportunity to tell the class what they have been reading and a little about the story. Sometimes, hearing others talk about how exciting a book is can capture interest — inspiring others to read it. 

In between shares, why not have a space where students can write down the names of the books they’ve read if they think their peers may enjoy it, too? A book recommendation board, so to speak. 

5. Invest in Bookmarks

Treat your students to bookmarks

Kids love getting new things, including bookmarks. And it is a great way to spark interest in reading. Plus, to use the cool bookmarks that they receive, they have to have a book to mark their space. 

Buy them in bulk and give them out as prizes, on holidays, or just because. 

6. Shared Reading

If you want to get your whole school involved in reading, why not have everyone read the same book? Sure, this may require reading aloud to younger students, but there is something to be said about everyone being on the same page. Literally

When it is a school-wide event, it can spark conversations among students of all ages. You can even incorporate fun events that have to do with the book, the characters, or the lessons in it, such as classroom door decorating contests, and more. 

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