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If the book fair is one of your favorite school events, you’re not alone. Kids and adults alike love to browse through the book fair selections, oohing and aahing at the cool pens, wacky pencils, and fun toys. Here at GEDDES, we love helping schools and event planners choose the coolest and most useful toys and school supplies for their school book fairs. Below is a list of our top 10 favorite picks to stock up on for your next book fair:

1. Pens & Pencils

Pens and pencils are more than just writing tools…they can be an expression of an individual’s personality and creativity. No student’s toolkit is complete without these essentials, so why not make them fun? Offer pens and pencils in multiple colors, with funny themes or characters, or even with their own built-in game or toy to really spark the students’ interest. Take it up a notch with rainbow gel pens, invisible ink spy pens, mechanical pencils, or even scented pens for students who really want to show off some style.

2. Pencil Accessories

Don’t forget to offer a wide variety of pencil accessories to go along with all those pencils. Erasers, sharpeners, pencil grips, lead refills, and more can make writing even easier and more fun!

3. Highlighters

Highlighters are the perfect little study buddies. These illuminating markers help students emphasize key points, organize their notes, and study smarter. Pair colorful highlighters with a color-coded note-taking strategy and you’re set up for success.

4. Flashcards

The reason why flashcards are still so popular after so many years is simple…they work! Offer flashcards on a variety of topics, being sure to have representation for all the grade levels at the school. Popular topics include sight words, math facts, vocabulary, historical names and dates, and scientific terms. Whether studying privately or as part of a group, flashcards are a powerful tool from which all students can benefit.

5. Calculators

Calculators are a required item for almost every grade level, although the type of calculator needed changes as the student ages. For Kindergarten through around Grade 7 or 8, simple arithmetic calculators are probably fine. Beyond Grade 8 and through the high school years, more complex calculators like graphing calculators are needed.

6. Stickers

Stickers are useful for students and teachers alike. Students use stickers to decorate their belongings and express personal style. Teachers use stickers to incentivize and reward students for their accomplishments. Offer a wide variety of stickers at your book fair to appeal to as many tastes as possible.

7. Art Supplies

Art supplies, including markers, colored pencils, watercolors, sculpting materials, and more, are great items to offer at your school book fair. Art supplies allow students to experiment with different forms of artistic expression while having lots of fun at the same time. Teachers also often enjoy art supplies for their classroom projects and personal use. 

8. Squishies & Plush Toys

Sometimes we all just need a little comfort. Having lots of colorful squishies and plush toys available at your book fair will delight students and give them a fun way to reduce stress and maybe even improve focus. For students with sensory issues, these types of toys can provide much needed tactile stimulation and help them relax.

9. Puzzles

Puzzles are a fun and easy way to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Traditional jigsaw puzzles are interesting to watch come together and require focus and commitment. Logic puzzles hone the analytical skills and support cognitive development. Best of all, puzzles come in a wide range of themes and skill levels, making them great for students of all ages.

10. Craft Kits

Take the art supplies one step further by offering craft kits of different activities. Some popular craft kits include making jewelry, pottery, painting, making stickers, creating slime, simple robotics, and more. Craft kits require organization, concentration, and patience while building the student’s creativity, reasoning, and judgment skills. You never know when a book fair craft kit may turn into a lifelong passion!

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Book fairs are often a highlight of the school year, bringing fun and useful items directly to students and teachers. By thoughtfully choosing the items you want to offer at your book fair alongside the book selections, you can enhance the entire book fair experience and be sure that students will want to return year after year. Let GEDDES help you stock up your school book fair with our vast selection of low cost, high interest school supplies and toys. Find out more about how we can make your book fair a blast by calling us at (888) 431-1722, emailing, or using our online contact form. You can view a digital copy of our current catalog by clicking here.