group of children playing a game in the classroom

School can’t be all fun and games, right? Or can it be…? In all reality, school really can be loads of fun and there are dozens of ways to incorporate games, whether during parties or just amping up an ordinary day.

With so many ideas for bringing fun into the classroom, it can be hard to decide. Let’s cover some creative options, tried-and-true favorites and perfect party prizes, too. Game on!

What Games and Prizes to Try for Classroom Parties

Before you choose what classroom games and party prizes to go with, there are several factors that are important to consider. For example, how old are your students? How large is your classroom? Are there any allergies or sensory concerns? Is there an upcoming holiday or seasonal event? What are your students’ favorite characters, sports or hobbies?

Tweak and tailor these to fit what would work best for you and your students, but let these ideas serve as inspiration for fun classroom games and prizes for parties:

  1. Charades
    This one is sure to bring lots of laughs, and it gets participants up and moving their bodies, so it’s a great way for kids to expend some energy too. Recent spelling lists or key words and phrases from current lesson plans can serve as the source for each designated word or phrase that students act out, all without speaking, and their peers attempt to guess.

  2. Pictionary
    Springboarding off of charades, Pictionary is a fun choice that puts students’ drawing skills to the test. Once the contestant has been given a designated word or phrase, this must be drawn out on paper or a chalkboard and students attempt to guess. While gestures and facial expressions are welcome, the artist is challenged to convey his or her message in complete silence – prepare for laughter to erupt from all!

  3. Scavenger hunt
    Scavenger hunts can lead to fun, learning and, of course, treasure! This timeless game combines movement with fun, and puts thinking skills to the test. Scavenger hunts can be themed to focus on an event or holiday, a lesson topic, spelling list or even an area at school, such as the library, gym or playground. Teammates will need to work together to decipher clues and solve the mystery.

  4. Minute-to-Win-It
    This high-energy option is a sure-fire way to find something for everyone and get all your students engaged. Usually a collection of various games that can be played at different stations, Minute-to-Win-It games challenge students to complete designated tasks all in just one minute. Games can be played in pairs or individually, depending on what fits your class best. This is a fun option for all ages, whether it’s an outdoor circuit, stations set up inside your classroom or spread out in the school gym. Part of what makes this game such a hit for all is the laughs that come along with it!

  5. Prizes for all
    Prizes can be a great reward for both game days and parties alike. Options can run the gamut from wearable items such as bracelets, keychains, sunglasses and wristbands that let kids show their style, favorite character “merch” like themed-items with Dr. Seuss, NFL teams and Pete The Cat™ boost the fun-factor, seasonal specialty items can coordinate whether your party is in the winter, spring or fall, and of course options like pre-filled goodie bags and novelty toys and games make for perfect game and party prizes for students of all ages.

Shop Classroom Game and Party Prizes

Playing games in the classroom can help boost focus, serve as an ice breaker, encourage engagement and interaction, and just overall make learning even more fun for students. When you are planning your next class game day or classroom party, check out the extensive selection of prize options from GEDDES. Shop online at Raymond Geddes or contact us today to learn more. School supply catalogs are also available to request.