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Ask many teachers what’s the key to success in the classroom, and one answer is sure to appear at the top of the list every time: staying organized. Getting organized can make all the difference in how smoothly the day goes. And it’s not just getting there that counts – staying organized is critical too.

So with all that teachers already have on their to-do lists, how can they add yet another task? When it comes to organization, this is an area that’s worth the initial investment as it can be considered the gift that keeps on giving to help busy teachers stay on track throughout the day, week, month and even all year long.

Organization in the Classroom

While organization is currently experiencing a moment in the spotlight in the realm of home decor (consider the organizing and streamlining expert Marie Kondo whose methods are so popular, her last name has become a verb, or the shows that have popped up to help homeowners achieve a more peaceful, organized home), teachers are the real MVP here. They’ve always known the benefits – and truthfully, the necessity – of being organized.

So if you’re ready to dive in and embrace organization in the classroom, how do you get started? It can seem overwhelming when you consider all the possibilities, but here we’ll review some of the best organizing tips for teachers to help you get organized and stay that way!

5 Tips to Get – and Stay – Organized

Don’t be intimidated by the endless ideas you may find when scrolling online sites or browsing Pinterest…while there are as many different approaches to organizing as there are days in a school year, here are five of the best organizing tips for teachers:

1. Stick to the plan

Create a plan. For everything. Think beyond lesson plans and extend your planning prowess to how you’d like each day to flow both in and out of the classroom, including details such as seating plans for your students, when and where it’s time to move to other areas of the school, dedicated periods for administrative details and parent communication. Details even down to plans for rotating student of the week and whose turn it is to be line leader can take the guess-work out of your day. Because it’s all already thought out, plans can help eliminate some of the stress and chaos that can inevitably creep into your day. 

2. Label everything

This tip may seem like overdoing it, but with so many moving parts in a classroom, and just as many bodies moving in and out, labeling everything can be key to staying organized. Folders, storage containers (including the lid that belongs to each one), binders, duplicate items such as “art station scissors” versus “teacher’s desk scissors” – if every item is labeled, then this erases the questions of what is it and where does it belong, thus contributing greatly to quick clean-up and ultimate organization

3. Use visuals and color coding

Putting a visual identification system in place helps keep everything organized because even the littlest helpers who may not be able to read yet can match pictures and colors to understand immediately where each corresponding item belongs. 

4. A place for everything…

Assigning dedicated spaces for everything that enters the classroom can be a lifesaver when it comes to staying organized. If teachers, students and classroom assistants know where everything belongs, then items are more likely to be returned to the right spot – saving time and frustration later whenever they may be needed again.

5. Go vertical

As most teachers are acutely aware, there is never quite enough space in the classroom for all the things that belong there. So a clever way to both stay organized and maximize your limited space is to go vertical with your storage and organization systems. Consider wall-mounted shelving, elevated workspaces with storage underneath, shoe organizers mounted on the back of the classroom door, and even lightweight models or visual aids dangling from the ceiling that can help to put every inch of space to work while boosting the organizational factor at the same time.

Learn More About Organizing Tips for Teachers

An organized classroom can create a calmer classroom and a smoother day for all. GEDDES has an endless array of creative items to help achieve your classroom goals. Contact us today or request a school supply catalog and learn more about the supplies and resources from Raymond Geddes.