students students at a desk full of colorful classroom supplies

Toys and prizes – what’s not to love?! Well, truth be told, not all of them stack up equally, especially for students and teachers. To be a hit for both, novelty toys and classroom prizes have to hold some appeal for the kids, they must be affordable for the teacher and it helps if the item has some staying power.

Thankfully, teachers have had a secret weapon that’s stood the test of time: Raymond Geddes. With decades of experience in delivering creative, quality products for use in the classroom, over the years both teachers and students have come to love Geddes novelty toys and classroom prizes. Read on to learn more.

Why Do Teachers and Students Love Novelty Toys and Classroom Prizes from Geddes?

Geddes gets top marks when it comes to novelty toys and classroom prizes. Here are four reasons why they make the grade with teachers and students:

1. Creativity is Key

For students, when they get excited about novelty items, it’s all right there in the name – “novelty” – so the more creative, the better! Did you know that Geddes actually invents many of the products sold at and through its catalogs? The team at Geddes spends time developing its own lines of novelty pens, pencils, and other school supplies for students. Can’t get more creative than that! In addition, Geddes works with popular character brands on various products to bring even more variety to teachers and students.

2. Geddes is the OG

You may be surprised to learn that many of the novelty toys and classroom prizes available at Geddes are actually similar to or the same items you might see at local dollar discount retailers, teacher stores, gift shops or even in amusement park kiosks. So when you shop at Geddes directly, in many cases, you may be going straight to the original source.

3. Character Collabs for the Win

Thanks to collaborations with some of today’s popular brands, Geddes has a selection of novelty toys and classroom prizes featuring kids’ favorite characters that are sure to be a big hit. For example, items with Dr. Seuss, Dog Man™ and Pete The Cat™ promise to deliver more than just your average pencil, bookmark or notepad, and offer a fun way for kids to express their personalities and interests.

4. Affordability Counts

Toys and prizes are all fun and games when you have an unlimited budget, but the reality for most teachers is a stark contrast to that. With items sold as multiples or even in bulk in some cases, this provides economies of scale for teachers who are looking to supply their students with memorable prizes at a reasonable price. There are also weekly specials and clearance deals not to be missed that add even further savings.

Discover Why Teachers and Students Love Geddes

When it’s time to plan your next class party, game day or just looking to stock up on toys and prizes for your students, there are unending opportunities to incorporate toys and prizes into the classroom. With an endless selection and constantly refreshed assortment, GEDDES is your one-stop shop for novelty toys and classroom prizes that are both fun and functional, awesome and affordable – and that teachers as well as students love! Shop online at Raymond Geddes or contact us today to learn more. School supply catalogs are also available to request.