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Tell Us About Your Awesome School Store

Tell Us About Your Awesome School Store

Tell Us About Your Awesome School Store

Do you have an awesome school store? We want to know about it!

We’re starting a regular feature here at Geddes where we profile interesting and unique school stores around the country. Whether your school store is a giant storefront or just a small push cart we want to hear your story!

  • Do you use your school store for fundraising?
  • Do you use your school store to teach math, money, social skills, management, responsibility or other subjects?
  • Do you do something with your school store that’s totally special and unique?
  • Do you have awesome tips and tricks on how to make a school store successful?

Our goal with this series is to highlight how awesome school stores are – how they raise money for schools and how they teach and empower individual students. We also want to shine a light on all those volunteers, teachers, parents, administrators and other hardworking individuals that make a school store run.

Are You Interested?

If you’re interested in having your school store featured, please email us at service@raymondgeddes.com telling us a little about your school and school store.&nbsp

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