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Squish them, squeeze them, and crush them! You’ll love our squishy toys. Not only are these cute squishies fun to collect and trade, but they’re also great for relieving stress and helping you focus on whatever task is at hand. If your students need a breather from homework or feel anxious before a big test, you can count on a squishy toy to help them keep calm and feel better. Fun characters, fun designs, and less stress make the world a better place for young kids. We’ve got every type of squishy you could want from slow-rising foam squishies to our awesome blobbles toys!

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5" Squish Narwhal Toys

SKU: 71148

Squeesh Mini Yum Treats (Display)

SKU: 70966
12 toys per display

2.75" Squish Mermaid Cat Toys

SKU: 71149

Squeesh Yum Large Treats

SKU: 70934
12 toys per display

4" Squish Corgi Loaf

SKU: 71151

Squishy Kitty Pencil Toppers

SKU: 71304
100 toppers per bag

DNA Lab Slow Rise Ball

SKU: 71175
12 balls per display

Sparkle Slow Rise Ball

SKU: 71194
24 balls per display

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