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Pencil Grips

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School can be tough on students. Especially when they are writing all day long! Pencil grips can provide cushion and comfort for hard-working fingers or extra-support for reinforcing proper handwriting position. Sometimes, the best thing they do is prevent your pencil from rolling off the desk and making a getaway. GEDDES has a gaggle of pencil grips for kids to fit their fingers, from stretchable squishy grips to cushy foam grips, eraser grips, scented grips, and more. With how comfortable and accommodating they are for fingers and how stylish they look, students will have no qualms about writing. In fact, they’ll be eager to do more!

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Scented Kushy Grips

SKU: 71650
48 per bag

Glitter Scented Kushy Grip

SKU: 71370
48 per tub

Shark Pencil Grips

SKU: 70957
100 per tub

Animal Grips

SKU: 70660
48 per tub

Scented Kushy Grips

SKU: 70558
48 per tub

Kushy Squishy Grips

SKU: 70120
100 pencil grip per tub

Dr. Seuss Foam Pencil Grips

SKU: 67026
50 pencil grips per tub
$12.50 $11.00

Scent-sibles Squishy Pencil Grips

SKU: 67831

Squishy Gripz Pencil Grips

SKU: 64152
100 pencil grip per box