The following explains the acceptable use of sites and content owned by Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc., including

All content on this site, unless otherwise stated, is the property of Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc. ("we") , its suppliers, and/or its licensors. This content is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Protected website content includes, but is not limited to: images and illustrations, product text, company information text, downloadable files in any file format, lesson plans, manuals, catalogs, web site programming, mailing lists, and customer databases.

We extend specific permissions to our established resale customers for the purpose of advertising GEDDES products in their store, catalog, web site, or other marketing materials.

Acceptable Use for Resellers

Limited rights are granted by Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc., to Resellers of Raymond Geddes products for the duplicating, publishing, and distributing of product information sold through their own printed (i.e., catalogs, flyers, etc.) and digital (i.e., websites, emails, etc.) materials. This content is limited to the following information:

  • Low-Resolution product images for use in digital materials
  • High-Resolution product images for use in printed materials
  • Official product names (required)
  • Product specifications, feature lists, and display information
  • Product UPC codes
  • Safety Testing notifications from Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc. (required)
  • Links to certificates of product material safety testing
  • Intellectual Property indications provided by Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc. (required)
  • Other legal information provided by Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc. in accordance with state and federal requirements (required)

This content can be utilized in its original, unaltered form by our resale customers. No permission is required unless otherwise noted on the pages of specific products.

Official product names, licensor information, legal and/or intellectual property information, and safety information related to the product must be displayed by the reseller in any corresponding printed or digital product presentation. Failure to do so may introduce legal action brought by the license holder, government officers, etc.

Other Allowances

Account owners and their Authorized Buyers are free to retain copies of their account information, order history information, and invoices for their own personal use and records. When you close your account, transaction information is retained for the length of time required by law.


Content in the form of booklets, posters, product artwork, forms, charts, worksheets, lesson plans and other materials – whether it is freely available or made available for purchase – may be downloaded and shared, hosted, published, and/or distributed online by site visitors but

All content remains the total property of Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc. This content may not be combined with other materials and repackaged or sold without written permission.

Downloaded editable forms, charts, and worksheets may be modified, but may not be distributed without creator credit assigned to Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc.

User Generated Content

Customer comments, reviews, and other user generated content may not be used, copied or modified and are the joint property of the original contributor and Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc. Upon submitting content contributions, the content is moderated to ensure it does not contain information that is obscene or criminal in nature, information that violates a person's privacy rights, or information that is specific to your account. Approved content is provided for public display with the submittor's expressed permission to Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc., and

Content provided by children 14 years old and under require a parent's signed approval, as well as the child's approval. Content such as group photographs require approval from all parties present in the image before the image can be displayed.

Contacting the Web Site

If you have any questions about our terms of use, the practices of this site, or your dealings with, please contact:

Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc.,
7110 Belair Rd, Suite 200
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This information was last modified on Jan 1, 2012.