Businesses are always looking for unique events to sell around and promotions that WOW their customers. One big event that you can look forward to in Q1 is Read Across America, the annual celebration of literacy and reading that takes place on March 2nd, Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

How can Read Across America and Dr. Seuss help your business?

1. Get in on the tradition – Read Across America is now in its 18th year and continues to get bigger and bigger. More and more retailers recognize the importance of stocking Dr. Seuss items for this event.

2. Tap into ready-to-buy markets – Over 45 million people participate in Dr. Seuss events annually. That’s thousands of schools, libraries, community centers, and parents looking to buy Dr. Seuss products. The National Education Association alone has more than 14,000 affiliate organizations hosting events across the U.S.

3. Take advantage of free marketing – More than 900 network and cable television stations cover Dr. Seuss reading events every year and over 5,000 articles are written about Dr. Seuss and Dr. Seuss reading events.

4. Grab customer attention – 1 in 4 children receives a Dr. Seuss book as their first book. His characters are instantly recognizable and our products bring people into stores and draw the eyes of everyone – children, teens, adults and grandparents! It’s one of the most recognizable brands and one that builds, trust, curiosity and credibility.

5. Increase your margins – Our line of Dr. Seuss products is a profitable venture. Just ask the hundreds of retailers across the country that sell through this line every year.

Dr. Seuss Items

Our Dr. Seuss Success Package has everything you need to take advantage of this growing and national event!

Here's what you get:

Item# 69384 - Truffula Tree Pen (12 count) Item# 68976 - Rainbow Gel Pen (24 count)
Item# 69684 - Stackable Highlighter (24 count) Item# 69443 - 6 Color Pen & Stamper (12 count)
Item# 66890 - Cat in the Hat Pencil (144 count) Item# 66865 - Pencil + Giant Eraser (36 count)
Item# 69440 - Rainbow Writer Pencil (24 count) Item# 68977 - Scented Kneaded Eraser (36 count)
Item# 67145 - Sharpener and Eraser (24 count) Item# 66871 - Little Notes Memo Pad (24 count)
Item# 69743 - Assorted Seuss Pencils (72 count) Item# 69975 - Gel Pen (24 count)
Item# 69442 - Giant Pen (12 count) Item# 66869 - Bookmarks (50 count)

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