While we’ll primarily be addressing schools that use students for staffing in this section, the hints and ideas that are outlined may be helpful to stores that are entirely staffed by adults.

The Application Process

Students should apply for positions in the school store, just as they would apply for any other position. See Appendix page ii for a sample application, or create your own. Having students fill out the application will help them to take working at the school store seriously-and while it should be fun, it should also help teach responsibility.

Assigning Positions

Use the information on your applications, or your knowledge of the students, to assign job functions. Having their own position and own set of duties will not only boost self-esteem and confidence, it will again teach kids to be more responsible.

Possible Positions include:

General Manager – This student would report directly to the school store supervising teacher or PTA parent and would oversee the management of the store.

Shift Managers – These students would be in charge of the store during their scheduled shifts.

Sales Clerks – These students would be responsible for conducting sales, making change and keeping a record of each transaction.

Order Clerk – This student would be responsible for coordinating inventory and creating lists of items to be ordered.

Receiving Clerk – This student would verify the correctness of incoming order. Verify that all merchandise is received intact and in working order.

Accountant – This student would keep the daily sales records.

Advertising Reps – These students would identify ways to increase public awareness of the store. These positions could include graphic designers for posters or flyers or students who write and read advertising copy for morning announcements.

As you can see, there are possible positions for students at all levels, aptitudes and with all kinds of interests. 

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