In the weeks and months to come, many students will return to damaged schools and classrooms lacking even the most basic of supplies. Thousands of schools have been affected and millions of schoolchildren have had their educations interrupted.


Recognizing the magnitude of these events, Raymond Geddes & Company is pledging $200,000 in school supplies to help these schools start to rebuild.


“Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the hurricanes,” said Marty Getz, CEO of Raymond Geddes & Company. “Families and schools need a lot of support. Schools play a tremendous role in helping students get back to something resembling normalcy and just having some basic school supplies can help.”


Raymond Geddes & Company will continue to monitor the situation and work with local schools and districts to aid as many students as possible.



About Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc.

Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc. is a third generation family-owned business headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Since 1924, Raymond Geddes & Company has been making fun and colorful school supplies and toys that help schools raise funds, reward students, and bring smiles to the faces of young children.