One of the many reasons that a school store is such a good idea is that your store can be personalized to fit your space, schedule, and students. You have the flexibility to create a program that matches the character and needs of the school.

Promoting the store, raising funds, teaching lessons, generating school spirit, motivating’ll have more ideas for the store than you can imagine. Keep a Bright Ideas journal like this one to manage all of your great ideas. Get everyone at the store involved (don’t forget to ask your customers too).

There are dozens of easy to create interest and promote the store, as well as numerous education opportunities. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Turn your store into a higher level math project by selling shares of stock in the store.
  • Offer gift certificates for students and faculty to give to each other.
  • Create an employee incentive program, or an employee of the month.
  • Have your students decorate the store.

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