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Fineline or broad-tip markers. Washable or permanent markers. Scented or unscented. Whatever your choice, GEDDES art markers come in enough styles and vivid colors to fit any art project. All of our art markers meet safety specifications determined by ASTM International and are certified safe for for use by young students.

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GEDDES 10-CT Fine Line Art Marker Set

SKU: 03620
12 packs per box

Home Office 3-Ct Dry Erase Marker Pack

SKU: 17405
6 dry erase markers cards per box
$10.50 $6.00

8 CT. Jumbo Markers

SKU: 03626
12 packs per box

Dr. Seuss™ Dry Erase Marker

SKU: 70599
24 markers per bag

Dr. Seuss™ 8 CT Fine Tip Marker Set

SKU: 70806
12 marker sets per box

Neon Permanent Marker

SKU: 70689
24 markers per tub

2 Ct. Perfect Cents Permanent Marker

SKU: 15957
6 marker cards per box
$9.00 $6.00