Locker Accessories

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A locker is one of the most personal spaces a student will have in a school. To truly make a school locker their own, students are going to want to decorate it and personalize it so that every time they open it to grab books they are going to be reminded of how awesome and unique they truly are. Our magnetic locker accessories are just the thing a student needs to deck out their area. They can accessorize it with fun, furry creatures that magnetically cling to the sides and the door or they can even hang scents that will make their lockers smell delicious.

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Jungle Locker Buddies Plush Magnets

SKU: 68236
12 per tub

Back in Stock around 7/18/2022


Barnyard Locker Buddies Plush Magnets

SKU: 68453
12 per bag

Back in Stock around 8/1/2022


Dr. Seuss Magnetic Bookmarks

SKU: 68502

Furry Face Locker Buddies

SKU: 70491
24 toys per bag

Back in Stock around 8/1/2022


Hip 'n' Now Locker Magnets

SKU: 70907
24 magnets per bag
$14.88 $11.76

Fidget-Su Spinner Magnetic Covers

SKU: 70587
24 magnet covers per display
$12.00 $6.48