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In today’s business climate, companies are trying to cultivate fun and inviting cultures. Nothing is more fun and inviting than cute office supplies. Help companies add color and flare to the boardroom by carrying our pre-packaged cool office supplies at your retail locations. If you’re looking to expand your business’s product offering, our carded items and attractive packaging will draw your customers’ eyes and command their attention. These products are especially great for the home office warrior. We got our start selling products to kids and students, but we’ve quickly learned that adults and companies love our products too!

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Home Office 10-Ct Black Stick Pen

SKU: 19358
6 pen bags per box
$12.00 $4.44

Home Office 1-Ct Wooden Ruler

SKU: 19357

Home Office 2-Ct 0.7 mm Mechanical Pencil Refills

SKU: 15564
6 lead cards per box
$9.00 $3.60

Home Office 2-Ct 4-Color Pen Pack

SKU: 15305
6 pen cards per box
$9.00 $4.50

Home Office 2-Ct Bold Yellow Highlighter Pack

SKU: 15557
6 highlighter cards per box
$9.00 $6.00

Home Office 2-Ct Study Buddy Edge Pen and Highlighter

SKU: 16654
6 pen + highlighter cards per box
$9.00 $4.50

Home Office 3-Ct Black Rollerball Pen

SKU: 19360
6 pen cards per box
$7.68 $4.50

Home Office 3-Ct Cushion Click 0.7 mm Mechanical Pencil Pack

SKU: 16655
6 pencil grip cards per box
$9.00 $4.50