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Comic book lovers unite! What used to be geeky and nerdy is hot and nothing is hotter right now than superheroes. We have a great selection of DC Comics toys with all of your favorite DC superheroes! Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and all of the rest are here to save the day! With so many movies, television shows and comic books out there now, kids are looking for more and more collectibles featuring their favorite superheroes. These superheroes will fly off your shelves figuratively and literally! Stock up on DC Comics school supplies now to ride the superhero wave that has captured the imaginations of the youth.

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DC Comics String Dolls

SKU: 69627

DC Comics Dog Tag Necklace and Key Chain Assortment

SKU: 69736

DC Comics Foam Balls

SKU: 69782
50 toys per bag

Batman String Dolls

SKU: 70222
25 toys per bag

DC Comics Power Rings

SKU: 70221
100 rings per bag

DC Comics 45mm Superballs

SKU: 70293

Teen Titans Go! Buildables

SKU: 70749
50 toys per bag

DC Comics Chibi Figures

SKU: 71220
100 toy figures per bag

DC Super Hero Girls Dog Tag Key Chain & Necklace Assortment

SKU: 70849
100 ball chain necklace or keychains

DC Comics Logo Wristbands

SKU: 71138

Lego: The Batman Movie Erasers: Batman/Robin/Joker

SKU: 20762
3 eraser per card; 12 cards per inner

Lego: The Batman Movie Erasers: Batman/Bunny Batman

SKU: 20760
2 erasers per card, 12 cards per inner

Lego: The Batman Movie Erasers: Batman/Harley Quinn/Batgirl

SKU: 20761
3 erasers per card; 12 cards/inner box