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One of the best ways to challenge a student’s artistic abilities is through the use of craft kits. These kits allow students to express themselves and build something they can take pride in and take home to show to their parents. At GEDDES, our craft kits for kids are fun, engaging and easy to put together. Instead of finding all of the raw materials at craft stores for each student, teachers can save time and energy with our craft kit packs. These are prepackaged and come with everything a student could need to put together something amazing. All they have to do is open a pack up and get to work!

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Assorted Mini Tape

48 tape dispenser per box

Creative Washi Tape

48 assorted tape per bag
$24.00 $12.00

Dr. Seuss Mini Tape Dispenser s

48 tape dispensers per box
$9.60 $8.64

Washi Wishes .7mm MP with Washi Tape

24 mechanical pencils with bonus tape per display

Dr. Seuss™ 2Ct. Paper Tape Dispensers

24 packs of 2ct tape per bag
$20.40 $17.76

Dr. Seuss™ Color It! Paper Tape

24 rolls of tape per bag

Confidential Secret Spy Periscopes

24 toys per bag
$14.40 $11.52

Unicorn Pencil Top Stampers


Confidential Spy Stamps

24 stamp and uv lighter per display