Why Should You Buy School Supplies In Bulk?

School supplies always seem to go fast. If you find you’re always running out of things at your school, it might be time to rethink your inventory ordering strategy, and fortunately, there’s a quick and simple fix to this problem: buy in bulk!

The Top 5 Reasons To Buy School Supplies in Bulk

Value – When you buy anything in bulk, you get more for your money, and the same is true for school supplies. Stretch your school’s budget further while increasing the number of supplies available? A win-win.

Convenience – Buying in bulk means you have to reorder less frequently, making things easier for you.

Quality – Raymond Geddes offers high quality school supplies at a great price.

Variety – We stock all of the basics and necessities for your classroom, but we also have tons of great novelty supplies that kids will love. Use them as rewards for good grades, or just give them out for fun!

Super Bulk – Bulk is great, but super bulk is super. Check out our super bulk deals to get even better deals on the school supplies you love.