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As each new school year begins, kids are always excited to shop for their very own back-to-school supplies, but seasoned teachers know that it’s important to have the classroom stocked with back-ups and extras.

You never know when students will run out of glue or forget their markers at home, as just a few of the many examples that teachers may encounter each day. In some cases, there may even be children who simply are unable to come to school prepared with all the necessary supplies.

To cover all the bases, we’ll review some of the top school supplies to stock up on for your elementary school classroom. Regardless of which grade specifically you may teach, these essential supplies apply to not only most levels of elementary school but also most typical activities that might take place in the classroom.

Top 10 Supplies to Stock Up On For Your Classroom

Though this list is far from complete, these supplies rank among the top to stock up on for your classroom:

1. Markers

Markers come in handy for a multitude of elementary school projects, from art to science to crafts and more.

2. Crayons

Imagination will take you anywhere, and crayons help students not only color their world, but their school projects as well.

3. Pens

Tried-and-true, black and blue! And sometimes red too. A trusty assortment of pens will get you through most classroom situations.

4. Pencils

Whether the No. 2 epitome of a classic school supply or the mechanical variety, every classroom must be stocked with pencils.

5. Erasers

And what goes hand-in-hand with pencils? Erasers, of course! Erasers help give students the courage to try, and the confidence to start over if they make a mistake.

6. Glue and glue sticks

Glue and glue sticks are the ties that bind in elementary school. Countless projects will require the sticky substance, and in turn, help create some of the fondest memories from those days.

7. Folders

Every teacher can attest to the power of organization, and folders make that possible. Students can fill them with all their important papers from the day, and they also come in handy for sending notes and class correspondence home to parents.

8. Paper

Writing assignments, homework, tests and more usually require some form of paper in elementary school. Be sure to have plenty of paper on hand so your students can complete their work even when they run out of their own supply.

9. Scissors

This is an item that students sometimes forget to include in their own collection of school supplies. Or just as often, they get misplaced or go missing, so it’s helpful to have several extra pairs of scissors in your classroom that students can borrow.

10. Rulers

A ruler can be difficult for students to keep in their backpacks and can be a distraction (read: easy temptation for misuse) if they have one in their desk. This makes it a smart and sometimes safer approach for teachers to have a supply of rulers available for use when needed.

Shop Top School Supplies and More for Your Classroom

Tap into these ideas as inspiration to get you started on stocking up your elementary school classroom. Browse supplies, prizes, novelty items and an endless array of classroom necessities at Raymond Geddes or contact us today to learn more. School supply catalogs are also available to request.