Three Ideas to Get Students Involved in the School Store

Getting students involved in the school store is a great way to get them excited and invested in this project at your school. Whether you're opening a new store or looking for ways to generate a buzz around your current store, there are plenty of ways to get students more involved. Check out some of these ideas below to get started!

Give them the opportunity decorate the store.

Students will love the chance to decorate the school store. Once great way to get kids excited about decorating is to hold a contest to see which class or year gets to decorate the store. For example, one of the prizes for the class or year that wins a current fundraiser can be the opportunity to decorate the school store. Or, allow students to redecorate the store on a rotating basis based on class or year so everyone gets a chance to get in on the fun.

Incorporate the school store into math curriculum.

Incorporating the school store into math curriculum is a great way for students to see the real world applications of what they're learning. The best part is you can apply the school store to curriculum at any level. For the younger students, basic addition and subtraction can be used to determine prices of purchases at the store. Older students can get into more advanced math, such as calculating discounts based on percentages. For high level math, students can get an introduction to accounting by balancing the books of the school store. Or turn the store into a fun high level math project by selling shares of stock, and give students an introduction into how stock works.

Create student positions at the school store.

Older students are more than capable of working at or even running the school store. Before or after school, let students work at or even take over operations at the store. The positions can be offered as an incentive for good performance in class, and students are sure to want in on this opportunity. This is a great introduction into the world of business!

Want to learn more about starting your own school store? Visit our school store academy, and contact us for more information! Raymond Geddes has been helping schools with their school supply needs for more than 90 years. See you at the store!