The Barka School Store

Lori and her husband have been running The Barka School Store at Ernest P. Barka Elementary School in Derry, NH since 2015. She took a few moments to tell us about her awesome school store.

Tell us a little bit about your school store

This year we have offered quite a few fun and exciting shopping opportunities for students.

During the holidays, we had a Candy Cane Shoppe that was quite successful! The children felt proud to be able to pick out gifts on their own for friends and family. We will be repeating this shopping experience during Valentine's Day as well.

At our store, we are always involving the students to participate in the shopping experience. They learn math skills and how to make choices with the amount of money they bring in each week to spend at school store.

This is actually the first year that The Barka School Store has been THIS successful in sales!

If someone was going to start a school store, what's the best piece of advice you can give?

If someone wanted to start a school store, my best piece of advice would be to know your students’ interests and hobbies and to have a varied price list so all students wanting to make purchases will be able to walk away knowing they made a great choice, whether they come to the school store with 15 cents or 50 cents, no one would feel left out.