Stay Hip at the School Store

Kids these days. Trends come and go in what seems like an instant, but they somehow manage to keep up with them all. Meanwhile, the parents, faculty, and administrators try their best to stay current to connect with their kids. They might not always be successful, but they do know that there are some things that never stopped being cool. And the ones who are really in the know, know that you can get timeless and cool school supplies right here at Raymond Geddes.

Sure we’ve got plenty of school supplies that stay current, like out smart phone eraser that’s sure to confuse many teachers. Put your phone away Jack! Wait, how are you erasing your paper with your phone? Is that a new app or something?

While we might not be able to tell a phone from a well designed eraser, we do know that there are plenty of classic style supplies that are still cool and that kids will love. Our Dr. Seuss themed school supplies are sure to be hot sellers at the school store. We have Cat in the Hat themed pencils as well as Oh The Places You’ll Go! pencils. We also feature Dr. Seuss pencils with giant erasers for giant fun! How do we know kids like these oldies but goodies? Well, it’s simple, they’re all on our list of best selling school supplies! Check out more of our best sellers for your school store here at our website.