Now that Easter has passed, spring is here! The flowers are starting to bloom again, leaves are returning to the trees, birds are chirping and various woodland creatures are tumbling about in the warm grass. Many students are returning to classrooms all over the country from their various Spring Break adventures. Continue the excitement of spring vacations and the new season by investing in some fun school supplies from Geddes!

Make your students feel like certified pop stars while they’re learning with Pop Star Microphone Pens. These pens are retractable and write in blue ink. Don’t be too surprised if you see students singing into them between classes, as these pens provide functionality and well as fun. You might even say they provide a lot of FUNctionality!

Are your students feeling like they “mustache” you a question? Hand them a Mustache Soft Touch Pencil Pouch. Not only can they store pencils, but these school supply cases can hold on to loose change, pens, erasers, paper clips…the possibilities are endless! It’s also made out of a neoprene-like material that will clean up easily in case of any accidents. The Mustache Soft Touch Pencil Pouch comes in four snazzy colors, all of them with a mustache featured quite prominently on the bag!

Mobile devices aren’t allowed in the classroom, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t sharpen their pencils with a Geddes exclusive Smart Phone Sharpener. Your students will never have to worry about losing signal or a low battery. And their pencils will be incredibly sharp as will their style! It has a slide button on the side which allows you to remove the front panel and empty any of the pencil shavings inside. Students will surely want this piece of this glossy classroom tool.

Want a sweeter sharpener? Try our Ice Cream Sandwich Sharpener with Eraser! This tasty-looking sharpener won’t melt in the heat like a traditional ice cream sandwich. This version is definitely zero calories. It will also provide your students with an extra eraser to help get rid of their mistakes. Even though it’s not a real ice cream sandwich, it certainly looks good enough to eat!

So go through our extensive catalog or browse our most popular items in our G.E.T. section! We have hundreds of school supplies and novelty school items that will give you the extra spring of inspiration in the classroom that will help your students focus on their schoolwork and futures.

No matter what supplies you select, you can bet that Geddes has you covered. We’re as excited about Spring as you are! It’s been more than 80 years of business and Raymond Geddes and Company, Inc., is still dedicated to providing inventive, affordable and safe writing supplies for school, home, or office. Geddes is a 3rd generation, family-owned school supply company proud to have served many millions of customers over the years.