Slime - Gross but Fun

Slime toys are disgusting, but kids love them all the same. How can something so gross be so attractive? Slime has been a fun favorite for years, and it continues to mesmerize children.


One of the best features of slime is its texture. Kids can’t wait to get the goo in their hands. It’s moist, squishy, delicate, yet sturdy. Kids like how it feels and are impressed by its ability to be stretched to the point of separating. They can hold it in their palms or ball their hands into a fist and watch the slime ooze out between their fingers. On an even surface, slime can be flattened out and then shaped by fingers or pokers. Peel it up, and slime leaves little to no residue.


Kids love the way slime looks. Available in all colors of the rainbow, slime has mass appeal. Some store-bought brands come in multiple colors; some contain glitter or metallic flecks that make the slime shimmer. If that is not cool enough, some types are made to glow in the dark!

What makes slime an even better toy? Putting solid shapes inside of it, of course! Slime manufacturers have found a way for kids to take slime play to the next level. They have added objects like stars, beads, and miniature animals into the goop. Kids like to see how the shapes stay suspended in the slime. They can even pick out the shapes with their hands and reposition them where they want. Have you ever seen a slime face? Some slime comes with eyeballs. Kids can spread out the slime and shape it into a funny face. The eyeballs can be moved to wherever the child sees fit. They can position the eyes in the glob’s center or place them atop appendages to make the guise of an alien. It is no wonder how kids can have fun with such a gross toy!

Gross Out Noises

While slime can be a great toy to play with silently and used as a sensory toy, kids will discover that it has the ability to make silly noises. Some slime toys are packaged in small resealable canisters. As children return the slime into its container, it can fold up onto itself, creating pockets of air. Children will find that they can make funny blurps and pops as they poke the slime about the canister.

Slimey Smell?

Another feature kids like about slime is its scent. Many have subtle smells unlike anything found in nature, making them seem other-worldly. Scented putty slime exists too. Familiar smells like fruit, chocolate, and bubble gum are popular scents that have been added purposefully by slime manufacturers. Slime may look gross, but it can smell delicious. Although it is non-toxic when used as intended, slime is not meant to be consumed. Children should be reminded to keep it away from their lips. By all means, no one should ever eat the slime, even if it does smell like candy. Slime needs to be kept away from infants as well as pets that may be tempted to eat the toy.

Slime can stir up a lot of excitement. Whether adults pretend to be grossed out or are genuinely disgusted at the sight of it, kids will find that they can get thrilling reactions from adults surprised by slime. Kids like to playfully torture the unexpecting by placing slime on their exposed skin. While kids mean no harm, they should be warned about unintended accidents that they could cause with slime. Even though slime can be cleaned up, kids need to be cautious around certain surfaces like carpeting. Users should avoid getting slime into their hair too.

Slime Science

Kids may like pretending to be mad scientists when playing with their slime. Actually, slime has its place in science education. Kids can use their slime to make and record observations about their slime just like a real scientist. They can also dabble in scientific experiments with it. For example, they may want to predict and test how the slime changes when exposed to air for a prolonged period of time. Playing with slime can be an activity purely done for pleasure, but it can also be an unorthodox way to learn about the science behind a unique material.

Slime and putty slime are gross materials that will always be intriguing to youngsters. It is fun in so many ways, and while it may seem ordinary, there are many different types with features that make one kind stand out from another. Kids will continue to amuse themselves and others with the wonders discovered while playing with slime.