School-wide Positive Behavior Support: Using School Supplies as Incentives

New Year, new start for everyone: from those on the dieting bandwagon to students in grade school beginning the winter quarter. School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBIS) can reinforce and support positive performance and conduct amongst students, helping children to succeed in 2013. By encouraging the elimination of problematic behaviors that disrupt the learning community, SWPBS can enhance the quality of education children at your school receive.

Rather than focusing solely on negative behaviors by way of punishments, SWPBIS helps teachers and administrators establish behavioral expectations and reward students when they are achieved, as opposed to waiting for misbehavior to occur to instruct in proper and improper conduct. School-wide Positive Behavior Support helps encourage positive behavior to become the norm. Besides issuing verbal praise for positive behaviors performed in and outside the classroom, teachers can offer students a token or prize for certain actions: a scented eraser to make correcting spelling mistakes more fun, a cool stress ball to squeeze for anxiety relief during exams, a new pencil case to tote all their supplies to and from class.

Sweet incentives: scented dessert erasers!

Promoting positive conduct with incentives and support of good behaviors is…

  • Associated with positive student outcomes.
  • A method for preventing behavioral problems in the present and future.
  • An indication of a well-managed classroom, which creates a safe space for kids to learn.
  • A technique used to foster an overall more positive classroom environment.

A means of allowing teachers to be more efficient by spending less time on reprimanding, which allows for greater student achievement and added flexibility and creativity in classroom instruction.

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School-wide PBIS