School Store at Palmer Elementary School

Sara A. is just one of a few dedicated volunteers who help make the school store at Palmer Elementary School in Easton, PA a success. She took a few moments to tell us about their school store.

School store and Palmer Elementary

1) What is your name and your role?

There are a few of us on the School Store Committee (Allison, Lauren, Robin, & Sara). We took over this year after the previous committee moved on.

2) How does your school store work?

Our school has 2 cafeterias. Once a month, the school store cart is wheeled into each cafeteria for the children to shop during their lunch time.

3) Do you use it for fundraising, to teach students skills, or both?

We use it primarily for fundraising. It's an added bonus that the kids are learning while shopping.

4) How successful has your store been?

We feel that we are successful to a point. Due to the fact that our school will be moving to a different location in the winter, we have a limited amount of items. We feel we could be more successful if we offered a greater assortment of items and had a better cart. This will come with time.

5) What skills do students learn at the store?

They learn money handling and counting. They learn budgeting and also taking turns in line. Another lesson they learn about is time management, as they need to eat lunch and shop all in a 20 minute time period.

6) Any advice for someone who wants to start a store at their school?

Definitely ask for help. It's great to have a committee helping with orders, inventory, price lists, and monthly shopping helpers. It is nice to have some items that you switch out from month to month to keep the store merchandise fresh and exciting!

Do you have an awesome school store at your school? We want to tell your story - Get in touch!