School Store at Ellicott Mills

Paula D’Alonza oversees the school store at Ellicott Mills Middle School. She, along with an army of volunteer moms, open the school store during student lunch shifts. She took a few moments to tell us about their school store.

Tell us about your school store

It's a small store in a hallway near the lunchroom. Kids visit during lunches only. It is very popular with 6th graders. So-so with 7th graders. 8th graders are too cool for us & don't visit too much.

What is the purpose of your school store?

The primary purpose is twofold. To supply necessary needed items such as pencils, notebooks, erasers, etc., but also to supply items that are fun. Fluffy pens, cute erasers, etc. help to make school more fun.

We like to keep the prices low so that our customers can use their own money & be able to afford a few items.

Our store is pretty successful. I'd say we bring in at least $100 per week. Whatever money we make, we put it right back into the store by buying inventory.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in starting a school store?

If someone wanted to start a school store, my best piece of advice would be to keep prices low and provide fun items.