School Kits Facilitate Learning in Your Community

The first step in attaining success is being prepared. Having the right tools and materials required for the job makes all the difference. When striving for excellence in education, students must be prepared by having all their school supplies at the ready for use in class and at home each day. Still, many report to class underprepared for the day’s lesson. This chronic problem has a great impact on teachers and the disadvantaged youth. Supplying teachers and students with Geddes School Kits can make a world of difference to those who know they need the supplies but have not the resources to procure these essentials.

Imagine being a student who wants to meet the school’s expectations about being prepared to learn but unable to acquire the necessary supplies. Few alternatives are available to them. They must often rely on the generosity of others to make it through class each day. Borrowing a supply from a classmate or teacher is often an option, but no one wants to depend upon another every day of the week. Sometimes kids avoid asking for this kind of support altogether for fear of embarrassment. What repercussions do students face when they do not have the necessities for the day’s learning activities? Their learning suffers. If being underprepared becomes habitual, practicing new skills becomes more difficult, and, ultimately, their grades can slip. What can you do to combat this issue in your own community?

Many communities are coming together to supply students and teachers with the tools and materials students require to be successful at school. Fundraisers take in donations from residents and area businesses. This money is then used to buy the supplies that students lack. In some communities, enough money is raised so that the supplies can be dispersed among all students; others choose to give the supplies to those who demonstrate a need or to hand them out to the teachers.

Geddes has created useful school kits that make gathering needed supplies a cinch, and they are affordable too. The kits offered by Geddes are put together based on grade levels: in their catalog, you will find school supply kits for primary school, elementary school, and junior high school. Each kit contains a variety of supplies, some of which are standard stock in each type of school kit. Folders, notebooks, pencil cases, pencils, sharpeners, glue sticks, erasers, rulers, highlighters, and pens are found in all three types of school kits. The primary school supply kit, recommended for children in kindergarten through second grade, contains all these plus supplies unique to the 31-piece set. Youngsters will find that their kit includes a coloring and activity book as well as an easy-to-read title. In these early grades, teachers often ask students to bring in a box of facial tissues to stock the classroom for the entire year. Each primary school supply kit contains one box of facial tissue that can be donated to the class supply.

Inside the primary school supply kit, students will also find construction paper, a pair of blunt-tipped scissors and a dry erase marker. Additionally, the kits include a set of watercolors, crayons, and markers – all of which are washable. The school kits designed for elementary students also include a dry erase marker, safety scissors, markers, and crayons. These 39-piece kits contain a package of loose-leaf filler paper, which is also found in the junior high school kit along with sharp-tipped scissors.

Geddes kits for junior high school students also come with a variety of supplies needed for different learning activities that they will encounter in their grade levels. Besides having colored pencils in the place of crayons, the junior high school supply kit comes with a personal dictionary that students can use for help with spelling and defining new vocabulary. In junior high, students will encounter more difficult lessons in their math and science classes than they had in earlier grades. For this reason, Geddes’ junior high school kits include not only graph paper but also a compass, protractor, and scientific calculator.

Purchasing school supply kits from Geddes is an easy way to help kids be prepared to work towards achieving success at school. The standard kits come at a great value. Another affordable alternative is to take advantage of Geddes’ customizable kits. Create a list of the supplies you want your students to have in their kit and contact Geddes for a free quote. Premade school supply kits can have a lasting, positive impact on the children in your community.