Raymond Geddes Has Your School Store Supply Needs

Keeping a school store stocked is no easy task. Kids lose things, which in and of itself isn’t surprising. What is unusual is the fact that nothing ever turns up. One would think that in some dark corner of the school a mass of lost pencils, pens, and rulers would slowly be accumulating, but lost school supplies always seem to vanish into oblivion. It’s not implausible that a science experiment gone wrong created a pencil-eating black hole in the science lab. Or maybe a star student solved a math problem that stumped even Einstein himself, and in doing so violated the accepted laws of physics and opened up a wormhole that sucked all of the school supplies in the classroom into another dimension. Kids these days. They’re geniuses but they can’t keep their hands on a pencil for more than a week.


While the mystery of the vanishing school supplies may never be solved, there is a way to replace the long-gone pencils and pens. Raymond Geddes has everything you need to stock your school store. We have everything from your trusty old #2 pencils to scented erasers and confidential secret decoder spy pens for top secret communications. We also have cupcake and mustached themed supplies for a fun take on erasers, pencils and more! Choose Raymond Geddes supplies for your school store and kids are sure to enjoy.