How to Make Goodie Bags for Class Parties

Goodie bags are like the sprinkles on top of an ice cream sundae. They are the perfect way to finish off a fun event like a classroom or birthday party. The ideas for goodie bags are limitless and they can be assembled to suit any theme, age and budget. Here are some suggestions to make goodie bags that will be a special parting gift to send the kids home happy.

The Best Goodie Bags Start with a Plan

As a teacher or parent involved with organizing a class party, all the details can seem overwhelming. But when it comes to the goodie bags, have fun with it and let your imagination run wild. Your thoughtful creativity will be reflected in how much the kids love the finished product. It doesn’t have to mean tons of time and effort either, because once you have a plan in place, the goodie bags can come together in a snap.

  • Start with a theme for the party. The theme can be anything you can dream up – maybe it’s related to a recent lesson that was taught and the kids mastered in the classroom, maybe it’s a popular cartoon character, maybe it’s tied into a holiday, or maybe it’s just because everyone loves tacos. Whatever the case, after the party theme is locked in, the rest of the details and your choices for the goodie bags should tie-in naturally to that.

  • Pick the type of bag or container you want to use for the goodie bags. The options here are just as wide and varied. There are pre-made bags that already have a few basic items stuffed in them, or you can select and fill the goodie bags in advance, or you can set up a DIY station for the kids to assemble the goodie bags themselves. The bags can be clear cellophane imprinted with a decoration or character to match the party theme, or you can find paper gift bags that can either be left plain on the outside or can be decorated with stickers or appliques.

    Creative containers are a fun option too. An item that matches the theme, like a sand pail for a beach theme or a popcorn bucket for a movie theme, can be reused at home and create a lasting memory of the party. If you opt for a do-it-yourself goodie bag, this can be a planned activity during the party where students can decorate plain bags using markers, stickers, yarn, googly eyes or small lightweight toys like plastic spiders for Halloween or colorful building block pieces.

Just be sure to either write each child’s name on their bag in advance or have them do so as soon as they receive the bags (or make them at the DIY station) in order to avoid any confusion when it’s time to go home.

  • Decide on the filler items you want to include. A good guideline is to pick one item from each of the following categories:

  • One school-related favor such as a pencil, pencil topper, bookmark or notepad

  • One item for fun like a small toy, tech gadget, fidget or game

  • One healthy snack

  • A beverage such as a bottle of water or a juice box

  • Assemble and top it off. Gather all the items and carefully arrange in the bag to avoid anything getting crushed or broken. Then top with colorful crinkle cut shredded paper filler or a few bright pieces of tissue paper.

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