The Ladies' Tea Encourages, Enables, and Empowers Young Female Students

Here at GEDDES we’re very fortunate that we get to hear a lot of great and inspirational stories from different schools across the country. When we hear a great idea, we share it with the hope that other schools will pick up the idea.

William Davies Middle School in New Jersey hosts an annual one-day event in March during Women’s History Month called Ladies’ Tea that’s designed to inspire young ladies in middle school to continue their education and follow their dreams.

Teachers nominate between sixty and seventy young female students who they believe will benefit by attending the Tea. The school brings in an inspiration speaker for the students and invites professional women from diverse backgrounds to meet and talk with the students.

This is a fantastic opportunity for young female students to see successful women in rewarding careers and to see what’s possible for their future. Students can ask these professionals questions about their careers and learn about opportunities that they may not have known existed. We’re told that this year’s event was a huge success with both the students and the attending professional women commenting on how much they learned.

It’s more important than ever to support initiatives like this that encourage, enable, and empower young female students and GEDDES was more than happy to support William Davies Middle School by donating products for goodie bags that serve as a memento that these young ladies were a part of something special.