Kitty Cat Crazy!

Cats are succeeding in their mission for world domination! Everywhere we turn, we find ourselves falling in love with cats. Whether you are a child who can’t resist a kitten’s cuteness or an adult who is enslaved to a cat with an attitude, the chances are that you will succumb to the feline power.

Cats pull at our heartstrings like they are playing with a ball of yarn. They’re irresistibly cute. Helpless kittens meowing for mother’s milk melts just about anyone’s heart. It is fascinating to watch them learn how to navigate within their habitats, how to play with silly toys, and how to groom themselves. Cats can be fun at any age, but before too long, they develop an attitude that makes people love them even more. It’s been said that cats have not forgotten how ancient Egyptians worshipped them. Many cat owners concede that their cats are boss of the household. People tend to try satisfying them by providing their favorite foods, giving them their space, and petting them when they demand it. Some are incredibly energetic, scampering after invisible prey and climbing carpet-covered towers. Some are downright smug, seeming to mock their human caretakers. A single cat can be your best cuddle buddy one minute and a distant, aloof creature the next. Their personalities add to our fascination of them, and it shows in our culture.

For ages, cats have been a part of our folklore. Superstition warns that a black cat crossing one’s path is sure to bring bad luck. At Halloween, it’s common to hear stories of witches whose familiars take the shape of cats. Cats can be lovable, but they have a dark side. Their curious ways are intriguing. We love watching a stealthy cat stalk its prey, pouncing precisely. When a cat must defend itself, it will strike. We’ve seen them hiss and bare claws. We have also been jilted by them, suffered from their indifference to us. When a cat fancies your attention, it will get it. Cats are always themselves, independent and bold. That is why it makes perfect sense to wear a T-shirt depicting a cat shooting lasers out of its eyes. We cannot help but to love their dangerous side, even when they bring us dead mice, birds, and bunnies.

Our history with cats makes it no wonder why cats are everywhere in our present-day pop culture. We are not surprised to see children playing with cat squishies, cat stuffed animals or cat pencil toppers. There is even popular cross between a unicorn, mermaid and cat! Nor do we think it unusual to admire one’s porcelain cat collection. But these days, marketing cats to people has been taken to a whole new level. If you are a cat lover, then you will have no trouble finding paw print decals to cover your car, supplies for your office desk shaped like cats, or coffee cups proclaiming you a “crazy cat lady”! The silliest T-shirts show cats living out their fantasies and mocking people. We thrive on the emotional effects cats cause.

Part of loving cats requires routine care for them, and a cat’s attitude and disposition does not always make this an easy task. Cats can be picky eaters, turning their noses up at whatever doesn’t suit their tastes. They can be like handling a live wire if they are forced to swallow a pill as the doctor ordered. Coaxing a cat into a pet carrier for a car ride will take a talented owner. Owners trying to do what is best for the cat often find themselves bested by the cat. But all these challenges will be totally forgotten and forever tolerated by man the second that a cat leaps into one’s lap and begins to purr. Cats are lovable, no matter what.

Invite others to share your love of cats. If you have a cat that enjoys being in the company of humans, contact a local nursing home to see if the residents would like to have a little petting time with your cat. You can also donate books about cats and magazines like Catster and Cat Fancy to your neighborhood’s school or daycare center.

Share your love for cats by paying a visit to your local animal shelter, even if you are not in the market for a new pet of your own. Many shelters welcome guests to spend time playing with and petting their cats. You can also show your love for cats by donating supplies to the animal shelter. Call ahead for their specific needs if you wish. Commonly, they need cleaning supplies, litter, collars, and bedding. While you are there, inquire about volunteer opportunities for you and your family. Cats bring us so much love that it is easy to do something for them in return.