Items to Sell in a School Store

At GEDDES, we specialize in selling school supplies, and over the years we’ve also built a reputation as the experts when it comes to running school stores. Whether you’re considering starting a store at your school or you already have one and are looking for some new inventory to carry, here are some ideas for what to sell in a school store.


What Is a School Store?

Before we jump in with inventory you should have at your school store, let’s talk about what a school store is and how it can benefit your students.

School stores are located inside schools and give students the opportunity to learn math, entrepreneurship, and social skills. Running the school store could be a project for an entire classroom or the undertaking of a school store club. Students choose the inventory, stock the store, and staff it. Funds raised by the school store can be used for class trips, equipment, playground improvements, or anything else your school might need.

Students love being able to manage these stores and parents are pleased not to have to run out on a busy weeknight to pick up a new pack of pencils or markers when their kids run out! School stores can also sell pre-assembled school supply kits at the beginning of each school year, a convenience that parents love and an awesome fundraiser for many schools throughout the country. You can learn more about starting a school store in our school store guide.


What to Sell in a School Store

Of course, you’re going to want to sell school supplies in your store! But which ones?

Gather up the school supply lists for each classroom in the school and make sure you’re selling everything on every list. Basics like crayons, markers, pencils, and paper will always be in high demand. With items like pencils, you’ll want to stock some fun varieties instead of just the standard yellow ones—although you can sell those too! Let the students who run your store take the initiative and choose the styles they like best or let them carry out a customer survey to find out what will be popular.

In addition to all the basics, it’s good to include some less essential items to generate additional revenue. At GEDDES, we have all kinds of engaging novelty items that will make your school store the most popular destination in the building. Consider carrying supplemental school supplies that might not make it to teachers’ supply lists, but are still nice to have—pencil toppers, erasers, bookmarks, and locker supplies are a few that are popular in school stores.

Consider your audience, too. A store in an elementary school will have much different inventory than a middle school store. Not only are the school supplies students use different, but they also have different interests. Dr. Seuss and Pete the Cat are a hit with the kindergarten set, while middle schoolers move on to emojis and sports team logos.


Learn More About School Stores

If you need ideas for your school store, GEDDES is here to help! Contact us today at 888-431-1722 or request a school supply catalog on our website to learn more and see our full lineup of products.