How to Keep Students Busy During the Summer

Now that school is out, it’s hard to know how to best occupy students in order to keep them productive and learning throughout the summer months. It’s beneficial for students to have the learning and growing process continue during the summer so they have a smooth transition when they return to school in the Fall.

If you’re stuck and can’t think of ideas to keep your student engaged, we have a few suggestions:

  • Volunteering - One of the most rewarding experiences that can also be an amazing opportunity for learning is volunteering. There are many local organizations and businesses close to you that encourage volunteer work. It’s a great way for a young student to learn more about their favorite organization or business. Planting trees or collecting litter in one of our national parks is a good example of a volunteer project that will nurture a young student’s curiosity and love for nature.
  • Books and Magazine Reading - It may sound a little obvious, but subscribing students to magazines relevant to their interests and helping them create a robust summer reading list are both fantastic ways to keep their brain engaged. If you happen to go on a summer roadtrip or a vacation, those reading materials will be incredibly handy in broadening their horizons while also seeing new sights and gaining new experiences.
  • Cultivating new interests - There are plenty of classes, workshops and camps offered during the summer. Your student is bound to be interested by one of them, whether it’s art, camping or baseball. Introduce them to multiple new hobbies and fields of interests. Let them try a few of them and they’re bound to find something they love. They also might make new friends and connections. These kinds of activities and hobbies will keep the brain active and keep your smart student away from the indoors. Fresh air and activity are always a better and welcome alternative to video games.