Get In the Halloween Spirit With Sweet School Supplies

Halloween is here, and there’s only one thing on the minds of students, and you can bet it’s not tonight’s homework. Nope, candy is at the top of the list. You and your students can get in on the Halloween fun with some of Geddes’ great candy and sweets themed school supplies.

For starters, check out our assortment of scented erasers. We’ve got everything from ice cream erasers to donuts, cupcakes, chocolate bars, dessert, and snack themed erasers, all scented. For scents, we’ve got plenty of old reliables like chocolate and vanilla, but we’ve also got soda scented erasers, cappuccino scented erasers, and even Very Cherry Snow Cone scented erasers. We also carry combination scented erasers and sharpeners, including cupcake, ice cream, and Italian ice sharpeners. With all the smells in the classroom, it’ll be hard to wait til lunch!

Also, don’t forget about our candy themed highlighters. Sweeteez Scented highlighters look like kids favorite hard candies and smell like them too. Scents include watermelon, cotton candy, orange creamsicle, root beer, lemon, orange, strawberry, and green apple. Little Bitz Scented highlighters also come with great fruity scents and are stackable for extra fun. So don’t miss out on all the sweet Halloween fun, get your candy themed school supplies from Geddes today!