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Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week! This week is Teacher Appreciation Week across the country, and tomorrow, May 6th is Teacher Appreciation Day. So tell your teachers you appreciate everything they do! Remember, teachers do a lot of work both in and out of the classroom. When they’re not teaching, they’re planning lessons, grading homework, and completing administrative tasks, all of which require significant time commitments. Make sure you let them know how much you care! Here are a few great ways to celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day.

Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

Write a Note

Teachers love notes from students thanking them for the work they’ve done over the school year. If you’re a parent, help your child write a note to the teacher by asking them in what ways the teacher helped them specifically throughout the year (e.g. with a certain subject, etc.). Hand-drawn pictures are another great way to say thanks. Teachers also appreciate notes from parents, so write a note yourself too!

Get the Classroom Together

Have everyone in the class sign a poster thanking the teacher for their work this year. If you want to get more involved, have the kids come up with a short skit thanking the teacher.

Go Big

Schoolwide teacher appreciation events are great because they include those teachers who might not have a specific class such as phys ed, art, and music teachers. Potluck breakfasts or lunches are a great way to say thanks. You can also ask local businesses to donate gift cards or prizes for teachers as another way to say thanks!


This year, we’d like to say thanks to all of the teachers who work so hard at the huge task of education our children. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day from Raymond Geddes!