2 elementary school boys standing by a school bus for a field trip

Going on a field trip is surely one of the most beloved and memorable parts of school. For most kids, it’s a day packed with the promise of adventure, time spent with friends and a break from the usual rigors of the classroom. Even many years later, adults often recall with fondness some of their favorite trips that left an impression to stand the test of time.

Field trips are not just about focusing on fun and mixing things up. They are also excellent vehicles with which to deliver learning on a multitude of subjects and unforgettable experiences, all while disguised as a day of play. Depending on where you live, the time of year and what’s accessible to you, the options can be truly endless for choosing the best field trip for students of all ages.

Field Trip Ideas for Students of All Ages

Budget, transportation and nearby amenities can often dictate where and when you are able to take your students on a field trip, but here is a starter list of some of the best field trip ideas for students of all ages:

  • Zoos
    Many zoos offer education programs, presentations or scavenger-hunt style learning opportunities as well.

  • Aquariums
    Aquariums provide an excellent way to learn about the many creatures who live in or rely on water for their existence.

  • Local farms, orchards or self-pick patches
    This is a wonderful way to learn about and explore the agricultural highlights of your region. Whether it’s pumpkins, apples, berries or a dairy farm, there’s a lot to be said about a day down on the farm.

  • Children’s or hands-on museums
    Hands-on museums tend to have something for all ages, made all the more enjoyable by getting to experience learning through tactile exploration. Material is presented in an approachable format that tends to capture and captivate kids of all ages.

  • Historical, natural history, science or art museums
    No matter your interest, there is sure to be a museum for it. If you are in the midst of a history lesson, your local historical sites or museums can be a great way to bring the learning to life. If your students are especially passionate about dinosaurs, dig up some fun at a natural history museum. Or if science or art fit the bill, most major communities offer science and art museums to explore.

  • Capital or local government buildings
  • Understanding the structure of government entities and how they work to provide vital civil services can often best be done by visiting in person. An up-close and personal experience can help bring to life a subject that can sometimes be confusing to grasp for students.

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