School Store at Bear Creek Middle

Dr. Sheilah Barnett oversees the Bear Creek Grizzly School Store at Bear Creek Middle School in Georgia and she took a few moments to share a bit about their school store.

1. What is the primary purpose of your school store?

The Grizzly School Store is a tool to educate students about business provides a convenient location for them to purchase items needed during the school day.

2. How successful has your school store been?

We have raised enough money to provide funding for several programs for students as well as teachers. The Grizzly Store has funds available throughout the year and can always contribute to projects the school is working on because of the continued success at the school store.

Not only is the store raising money for projects, but students are also learning about math, operating a business and how to use their money wisely.

3. What do your students think about your school store?

The Grizzly store is a very popular spot in the morning for students. They love to see the new products and to buy spirit wear as well as the cool pencil to get them through the day.

4. What’s your best piece of advice to someone who is running a school store or thinking about opening one?

Get students and teachers involved in the day to day operations. Get input from students about what they like. Order cool mechanical pencils.